If youre on this website, reading this blog, you probably already know this: Energy Conservation and sustainability is the key to our future. Carl Edward Segan, an American astronomer, cosmologist, author, biologist, among a few other traits, said, "Anything else youre interested in is not going to happen if you cant breathe the air and drink the water. Dont sit this one out. Do something". This was one of the key and fundamental quotes that pushed me towards the field that I am currently working: Energy Conservation.

My education was in Electrical Engineering. Through out my school years, up to me graduation from University, Ive been working in Electrical. Power supplies, Telecommunications, substations. That was my life. One day, while driving down with a friend to Abu Dhabi, by absolute luck, or fate, I open a link on twitter. This was about someone named Cal Segan responding to a politicians claims about Climate control being a hoax. Being an ardent fan of politicians eating dirt, I open the link and get to reading. The article wasnt special, as it is generally with click bait articles but it had the quote mentioned earlier and it got me thinking... He is absolutely bang on. We take so many things for granted, especially in The UAE, where the standard of living is really high. We take electricity for granted. We take availability of water for granted. We take the availability of petrol/gas for granted. I was thinking all of this while staring at one of the many buildings that are on the way from Dubai to Abu Dhabi. It hits me then. I turn to my friend, and go, "Why dont we do something in the field of renewable energy. Mainly Solar. I mean, Look at the building. UAE has its share of sunlight, so why dont we do something with Solar Panels". The idea just stuck. The idea of doing something that will benefit not only me but people I care about, and people people that I will care about in the future. 

The quote by Carl Segan became everything for me. This was in 2015. Solar Panels and renewable energy were already in the market. This did not deter me. We started carrying out researches. Reading articles about renewable energy in the Middle East. Reading articles on the depleting rates of petrol, if we keep going the way we are right now. Articles on how renewable energy, not only solar, but renewable energy is the future. While doing research, I found articles about energy efficiency. To be more precise, I found articles about energy auditing. Researching a bit further into this, we knew we had found what we were looking for. A way to infuse our educational background with what I wanted to do: Saving energy; And that, is how, the idea of GreenCoreSolutions was formed.

GreenCoreSolutions is an Energy Management Solutions company. In Laymans terms, we carry out energy audits for facilities. These audits allow us to pinpoint where your energy is being wasted. These audits, then allow us, to suggest solutions that would save the wasted energy, which in return, will save the client money. A really simple win-win situation.We focus on four aspects of energy management: HVAC, LIGHTING, RENEWABLE and AUTOMATION. 

I will be back with another post soon. we will discuss, in detail, our four aspects of energy saving that we offer. We will show some of the research that we carried out, or still carry out, when doing work. Once that is clear, we will divulge into solutions that would be used in the future, such as smart homes/hotels. Stay with us folks... This place here, is going to get really interesting as we will be discussing in detail what the future holds for us. We will also have other people joining us on these blogs; people varying in positions, decision makers etc, that will be giving their point of view on the matter. This will make understanding energy efficiency a lot easier, and at the same time, endorse our point of view.

Hope youve enjoyed todays post. Will be back shortly with more.